Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sacred Friendship


How could you NOT love that face?!

I can already hear her say: "Oh my goodness!"

Lindsay is, among many things, a yogi, and the owner of FIERCE yoga and martial arts studio. I could share her whole professional bio with you, but I won't. You can easily find it for yourself. What I will do, is tell you how much I love this human being…

You won't find many teachers like Lindsay on Instagram; she's very humble. That's exactly why a friend like me is essential. Lindsay is as beautiful externally as she is within. You would see that if I had chosen a more "appropriate" picture to demonstrate what a crazy beautiful woman she is. But this is my favourite picture of her!

What I love the most about Lindsay, is her willingness to express her whole being, and courageously tackle the work at hand. I've watched this woman break through walls since the day I met her. All I know is that my gut said I had to talk to her, and I haven't regretted that decision. Lindsay's friendship got me to see myself in ways I hadn't experienced before. That's always powerful.

 We are literally opposites, I think. She's tall, and blonde, walks softly, has a killer smile with sparkling teeth, she is ultra feminine and tactful and sweet, almost powdery. Light and quiet, private, introverted, sophisticated and elegant. She reminds me of a full moon reflecting on the ocean. I am short and stout, dreadlocks, I swear a lot, I'm loud and intense. I like to think I have a huge heart, like dragon-size big. I love to play hard, I have a bad temper but I have a good sense of humour. I hate housework and anything that resembles housewife behaviour. I'm more like the hot sun reflecting on the sand, warming your face and giving you sunburn.

One would wonder how two people like us would meet, let alone be friends. We happen to have many things in common, such as a strong meditation practice, friends and students who compete in martial arts tournaments, love for the ocean, laughing our asses off, talking about things from the heart, etc. We also happen to both be married to masterminds in the martial arts world. Let me rephrase this. We are both married to SUPER FREAKS of martial arts, movies, superheroes and gaming. Actually, there are days where our conversation is based on how "fascinating" being sensei's wife can be. It's a lot like living in a fairytale, but not quite like what we imagined as little girls, in fact, not at all to be honest. But there are still dragons and swords, and battles and feasts and drinks and weddings, and yes, games nights...

I am the kind of queen who loves to hang out at the round table with Kings and knights, swinging my sword and learning their battle cry. I love to listen to the stories of their incredible quests, have a pint with them and having the privilege of hearing conversations most women are excluded from. I mingle with the children and people who wish to learn how to stand strong and survive this world filled with fear and violence. And I love to build strength through alliance by connecting with other kingdoms.

 Lindsay on the other hand, is the kind of queen who is so bloody sweet, she hangs in the kitchen with her maids, sings songs of prayer for the world with her people, or softly breathes alone while chanting a mantra, studies in the field with the birds, the mice who speak to her while deer pick and throw flowers on her path as she walks. She reminds me of beauty, graceful strength and innocence all in one tall gorgeous package. She's a hard working and quiet soul. Not a big fan of chaos, she surrounds herself with beauty, wouldn't hurt a soul if she could help it, and does her absolute best to understand and find compassion for people who do.

The best thing about Lindsay is that she provides space and balance. I see the same in her teaching.
I love that about her. That is what I have found from yoga practice as well.
There is so much growth and freedom in that!

I'm so excited to enter this new journey with her, where my yoga practice will be new common grounds to explore and a language that can possibly deepen our understanding of what it's like to be a human being, 

I would love to tell you more about this amazing woman, but I would rather you meet her yourself and get your own experience. You should really get to know her, go meet her and Ari at their new studio, you won't regret it. 

770 Bay Street
Victoria BC
tel: 250. 590. 5065

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