Thursday, July 30, 2015

First class!

The good news is that I am almost speechless...

            Wow, that was amazing!

It wasn't what I expected, much richer actually. The best part is that people were quiet before and after the class. Even in the change rooms. I mean that's unheard of. In 46 years of existence, I have NEVER heard this much silence when girls gather. 

I am thrilled! 

The teacher was filling in and believed it was Friday, so she taught a different class than what was scheduled. I had registered for a beginners class, so it took me by surprise. I was pleased to observe that I could hold my own and that my body may not be as weak as I imagined it to be. The class was more challenging than difficult. I knew enough to survive.

The heat?
I knew I would...

My first impression?
I am grateful. 
I think I am HOME. 

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